What is youth Inventor?

Youth Inventor STEM

Тhe problem

Nowadays we don’t grow into creativity or rather, we get educated out of it. Our schools mainly focus on what we need to get a job or to pass the exams.

Youth Inventor

Тhe Solution

We have created Youth Inventor to educate kids in a way that encourage their creativity, leadership and problem solving skills though the process of learning sustainability in are of engineering.

Млад Изобретател

DO I need previous skills or knowledge?

  • No previous skills or knowledge are needed
  • We start from ground level (completely beginners)
  • All you need is a desire to create something 🙂

Sustainability in Education

Our main focus is not over technology itself but people so they can understand, utilize and promote the efficient use of resources in society in order to become a new generation of engineers, leaders and citizens of a sustainable world. Our curriculum is with accordance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Good examples from our activities

  1. Free quality tutorials worldwide (goal №4);
  2. Powering small hardware projects with solar energy   (goal №7);
  3. Using electronics materials back from garbage (goal №12);