Be different. Be innovator!

Create your own invention?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up .” 

– Pablo Picasso

upcoming events

Youth Inventor STEM
Webinars - Programming with Arduino

The webinars are made for absolute beginners in the area of engineering. No previous skills or knowledge are needed.

Basic Electronics & Computer Science Video Tutorials

Learn about electronics and computer science from home with our easy video tutorials

What is Youth Inventor?

  • Online educational platform for students, undergraduates, parents and enthusiasts
  • In the area of engineering and IT  
  • With easy video tutorials
  • Free to use

What can you learn with us?

To invent a hardware project

To program your invention

To present it to the world

What is our mission?

Our goal is to empower more and more youths to choose the way of innovations. It is the shortest path to sustainable development.  Our curriculum is with accordance of global sustainable development goals, so we ca live in a better world tomorrow.